Marketing in the Meat Industry

Should You Market in the Meat Industry?

Hey guys and dolls,

In todays world of endless marketing and non stop consumption, it is important, at times, to give pause and reflect on what is worth marketing in the meat industry.  For instance, creating a meatloaf recipe is a form of marketing, though it is not directly advertising any particular meat factory, or manufacturer, or farm. Today I want to look at what is worth marketing, what is not, and what is somewhere in between.  Regarding the meat industry, I was raised on a farm and saw the animals killed, and helped kill them for us to eat.  That said, we lived on a subsistence farm.  We ate what we killed and grew what we ate.  In today’s marketing world, we need to separate the chafe from the wheat so to speak, and really see what is healthy and what is not in meat marketing.

Fast Food has wholly consumed American society.  With diabetes having spiked, over-eating, an obesity epidemic, we have been allowing our society to run amuck.  A free market is a good thing, though without an educated society to determine what exists in that free market, it is a bad thing.   Fast food marketing surrounds us, engulfs us.  If you and/or your family ever take a road trip, chances are you will be stopping at a fast food restaurant with low quality food.  This is due to the fact that in order to keep prices low, goods need to be bought at a very low price.  In order for that to take place, companies like Monsanto (though there aren’t really any companies as nasty as Monsanto) need to be utilized.  The fast food meat industry is NOT something to market.

Alternatively, as I mentioned above a meatloaf recipe can be a healthy alternative.  There are a number of health conscious websites currently online that are providing real value to their readers, and educating them on the effects of meat on their body.  In addition, they call to the awareness of the reader how animals are actually being treated.  I know first hand, that it is critical how an animal is treated because we eventually started providing meat to the local grocers and in order to do this we needed to test the meat and it’s hormonal levels before sending them out.   When the animal was not killed swiftly and with compassion, there were spiked hormone levels, just as what would happen in a human when scared to die.  But when lovingly taken care of, it was considered humane and the hormonal levels were not the same.


Currently, I do not eat meat.  I have seen too much in regards to animal destruction (animals are my friends), human destruction and serious contanimation of the world to proceed eating animal flesh.  What I do suggest is that if you are going to market in the meat industry, make it informative.  Allow your readers to leave your presence with a sense of curiosity and/or wonderment about the space.  Also, before deciding to market because you need to make money from it, ask yourself if the world will be better off for the marketing you are doing, and will your kids,kids be better off for it.

That’s my piece for today.  Marketing in the meat industry? Choose wisely.

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