Curious Marketing in Escort Industry

The Escort Industry in Los Angeles

It is considered one of the oldest professions in the world and throughout time has lasted the turns of seasons, revolutions and rebellions.  That said, what makes it work and what makes it stick and what los angeles escorts continue on in particular?

First we have the biological necessity to reproduce, which causes most humans on earth to want to engage in sex.  Through the act of sex we are then rewarded with sensual pleasure.  That sense pleasure is one of the most overwhelming sense experiences that we have as humans, and since that is the case, we continue to pursue it.  That is a major reason why the escort service has lasted the ages, because as long as we are slaves to our senses, sex will rule the day.

This is where it becomes interesting.  As sex is the ultimate sense pleasure, the more that every single company in the country and the world markets and appeals to our sense pleasure, they are actually all  working on that ultimate of sense pleasures, sex.   For instance, when you taste something that is absolutely tantalizingly delicious, it is a colloquial expression to remark, “Mmmm, this is orgasmic!”.  See, all of these sense pleasures are stored up in our neurology and when one gets triggered, it actually is subconsciously strengthening your attachment to the external fulfillment of all your sense pleasures.   As you have more sugary cereal, milky sweet coffee, soft whipped ice cream, more massages, have more particular types of sounds and smells, this sense pleasure pulse becomes stronger and stronger.   As it becomes stronger and stronger, and you invest more of your time and effort into it, the more difficult it is to not want to have it in your life.

Now, imagine that you have had a life where you have gorged yourself on particular, said sense pleasures and all of a sudden your wife leaves you.  Because you never had to fend for your own sexual self and your partner was always there in a mutually exclusive agreement where you would both have sex with one another monogomously, there was never a problem.  But now, now.. now you’re on your own.  You go out to bars and try to speak with women but you don’t know how.  Well, if that town where you are at that bar happens to be in Los Angeles, or in Las Vegas for that matter, you now know that you have other options.  And because you have trained yourself to be a sensory hoard, you allow yourself to meekly approach the idea of purchasing sexual sense pleasures, just as you would purchase any other sense pleasure.

This of course leads to complications, supporting a seriously abusive industry and you spending money you do not have.  That said, for some reason, year after year, generation after generation, the escort industry thrives on.

At the end of the day, because the demand for this sense pleasure is ALWAYS being marketed, through all of your sense pleasure indulgences, the escort business continues to thrive on, generation after generation.  Only in a stoic, and enlightened society will we ever be able to allow all people to become fully self aware enough to know that this sense pleasure, usually ends up actually having you, instead of you, having it.

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