Top Benefits of Owning an Orthodontic Practice in McKinney, Texas

Benefits of owning an Orthodontic practice in Mckinney orthodontist

As an Orthodontist in Mckinney Texas and Allen Texas, opening dental practice is a great wish that must be fulfilled because it can give the effect for your future. Starting a new business in this field should be done in a good way so you can take benefits from it. Actually, there are some quite easy steps you need to check out so you can do the right thing for getting brighter future.

Getting the license of Orthodontics ] is the most important thing you need to do. After getting the license, you will have a freedom to make your own practice so you can make it beneficial. The license you have already got will give you the best faith that you are reliable in this field and you are able to give the best thing for most persons in helping them to maintain the health of their teeth.

Second step you need to prepare is getting the right fund for starting your business. You can get the loan from bank or you can get the money by yourself. The fund you prepare will help you in purchasing the building to do practice and also for the dental equipment you will need. After that, it is important for you to look for the best location for your needs. It is better for you to choose a strategic location so you have a chance to get more patients. Besides that, you need to be sure that the price of the building is suitable with your budget so you can avoid getting more debts. So, it is important for you to consider all of them.

Is It Better to Purchase an Existing Dental Practice or Start Your Own?

You want your own practice, but the decision has to be made as to whether you want to buy an existing practice or start your own from scratch. There are advantages , and below are just a few points to consider when making this critical business decision.

Advantages of Purchasing a Practice

One of the main benefits of purchasing a practice is the proven market potential and established patient base. The transition period allows for a smooth handover and you’ll benefit from cash flow the instant you open your doors. Established staff can keep the business running smoothly while you settle in. Having an established patient base means you’ll have to expend less effort and money trying to get new patients through the door, and will be able to devote more time to building up relationships with existing and new patients.

Advantages of Starting Your Own Practice

One of the main advantages of starting your own practice is that you can choose your location; you’ll get to design the layout, the decor and choose the equipment. You can hire your own staff and build your own team over the time.

Comparing the costs

When comparing the costs of purchasing an existing practice or starting your own, it could be tempting to opt for the latter as it can appear cheaper. However this can be misleading as the net income generated by an established practice is usually considerably more than the net income generated by a start-up, even when loan repayments are taken into account. This greater income is obviously due to an established patient base, and it’s important to think about the patient attrition rate.

Experienced consultants consider an attrition rate of between 7% and 10% to be reasonable for a practice in transition to new ownership, while the attrition rate for patients in a new practice can be anything between 15% and 20%. When taken into account, it’s easy to see it could take several years for a new practice to achieve a patient base similar to that of an established practice. Although there are opportunities for those trying to build up a new practice, buying an established practice does help to alleviate some of the risk in terms of patient flow, collections and cash flow.


Today, dental health professionals have to employ modern and innovative marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge. Bringing your dental practice online and creating a customized website specifically designed for your practice is an essential tool to reaching potential patients in Mckinney Texas and Allen Texas. In this technologically advanced world, it has become more important than ever to grow your business using customized and professional websites.

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